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Bannière 672x300 - Agents 20191126
Bannière 672x300 - Agents 20191126
Bannière 672x300 - Agents 20191126

Soudure Plastique Québec

Soudure Plastique Québec is a leader in fusion welding of plastic materials. Our repairs are done with a truly effective technic that has surpassed the A.S.T.M. recognized worldwide. (Standard Practice for Determining the Short Term Tensile Weld Strenght of Chemical-Resistant Thermoplastics.)

Here are a few examples:

Automobile: bumper, headlight, tank, inner door panel, radiator and radiator support.
Recreational: ATV, mobile home, recreational vehicle, snowmobile, motorcycle, kayak, boat and pneumatic raft
Residential: pool canvas, pool side panelling, pool running, shower, inner refrigerator panel or casing, window frame, PVC’s window and door
Commercial and Industrial: pond, settling tank, tank, pipes, container
City and municipality: playground equipment, park’s table and bench, trash can
Agricultural: wings tractor and all plastic structure, various tank (gasoline, diesel, chemicals), Sugar Shack parts (recovery system maple waters)


It is important to call the real experts to limit the hazards associated with melting of the plastic . A merger made ​​by a non-certified repair could cause property and environmental damage.

Require certified and qualified experts. Make sure of the skills and guarantees repairs of the company.


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Solution Plastic Repair is now a partner of CAA-Québec discount program

CAA-Quebec members enjoy 10% off their total pre-tax bill for all repairs of plastic materials done directly at our Victoriaville headquarters or by our mobile units throughout Quebec.
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